STALKER by Faye Kellerman

StalkerNumber 12 in the Decker Lazarus series.  I told you I was overdosing on this series, so suck it up and deal with it.

Well, now, in this volume,  the daughter Cindy is a rookie police officer, trying to achieve her street creds in a male dominated career field, in a department obviously dominated by total a$$  despicable men in blue who taunt and close ranks against the women in the department.  Not something that gives you confidence in the police department.  They harass her, and one of them is even stalking her, tossing her apartment.  Another female officer in the department tries to counsel her, telling her it is like college hazing.  I think it is disgusting.

It actually looks like one or several of them are trying to kill her, and it is a depressing if not a hate-filled book, at least a strong dislike-filled book.

There isn’t much of Peter or Rina in this book, and while I felt it was well told, I didn’t like it because in my PollyAnna world, all cops are good and honest and worthy, and all young women are strong and have merit and this story messed with my rosy world view.   I don’t read for reality, I read for escape.  OK, so sue me.


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