STREET DREAMS by Faye Kellerman

Street dreamsAnother in the Decker/Lazarus crime series, this one featuring Decker’s all grown up daughter, also a cop, in a slightly schizophrenic mishmash of a romance novel and a crime/mystery plot.

Cindy on her regular patrol finds an abandoned baby in the bottom of a dumpster.  She can’t help but follow up at the hospital to see how the little munchkin is faring, where she meets a delightful man, a nurse, an Ethiopian Jew.  What a combo pack!

They go out together one night and on the way home, while at a stop street, witness a young woman walking alone crossing the street who is run over by an oncoming speeding vehicle, killing her, after which said vehicle speeds off into the night.   After witnessing the horrific incident, and the finding of the baby in the dumpster, Cindy begins having terrible nightmares,  known in the trade as ‘street dreams’, triggered by what happens on the streets of their working life.  Hence the title, Street Dreams.

The ensuing investigation reveals that the hit-and-run victim was the mother of the dumpster baby, a resident of a nearby home for mentally ….. oh, what’s that PC term for ‘not up to par, mental-wise’?…  oh, yeah, challenged, mentally challenged adults.

So as the investigation heats up, the relationship with the young man heats up, and she takes him to meet the family, without mentioning to them that he is Black.   Her dad is a bit nonplussed, mainly because she never mentioned it, which he considered a ‘gotcha’ kind of thing.   I don’t know.  For all the sanctimonious posturing during this series, I found his reaction rather surprising.  Oh, well, what do I know.  I wasn’t there.  Maybe you had to be there.

A third thread to this volume is Rina, who learns of the story of her grandmother being murdered in Germany before the war, and her attempts to find out who did it and why, finally hauling in Decker to help her out.

All in all, another really good book in the series.  Maybe not the best, or maybe I just think that because I am beginning to suffer ‘series fatigue’.


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