SOJOURN by M. M. Justus

sojournCan’t find a bigger image of the cover, but the tag line is Time isn’t everything it appears to be.  This is the first of the Tales of the Supernatural Northwest series.

This is Supernatural Lite, just the way I like supernatural.  No monsters, no abysses, no demons, no Evil Incarnate, just a perplexing puzzle of the nature of time.   It is about two steps away from being quantum fiction, what with the time issue and everything.

Our protagonist, a young highway patrolman, newly out of the academy, is assigned a ‘beat’ way out in the boonies of Washington state.   He is passed by a car going way to fast for the road and gives chase.  Out of stupidity, I guess, and boredom, he follows the car off road onto a barely discernible dirt track, where he eventually has a terrible accident, and wakes up to find himself being taken care of in an old ghost town.   And that is all I am going to tell you, because giving any more away would ruin the lovely revealing of the mystery.

Although I will say that he has all the shortsightedness of most young people.  His mother died when he was 8, and he is not terribly close to his stepmom, although to tell you the truth, she seems decent and loving enough.  He feels his father is too distant, (oh, Lordy, we are never loved the way we want to be loved, are we?), and his girlfriend just dumped him.  Frankly, with that downer attitude, I would have dumped him, too.  Geez, he is a police academy grad, got himself a nice job, lives in a beautiful area.  Whine whine whine.  As Joan Rivers would say, Oh, grow up!

But what follows is delightful.  Is that the right word?  Not sure, but makes for a fine Twilight Zone kind of mystery that I am sure you will enjoy.

OH!!  And it has lots of history, because it is based on portions of true events.  On the non-supernatural portion, I would hope.  [Cue eerie music here.]

Mz Justus has a number of works available for your delectation and delight.  I talk about one of them, a short story, Homesick,  here.

Here are a couple of photos of the area, Conconully.



One comment on “SOJOURN by M. M. Justus

  1. mmjustus says:

    The pictures are wonderful! As is the review, thank you so much. Yeah, Dan’s sort of obnoxious. There was a fine line to tread there between not knowing how good he really does have it, and being genuinely unhappy enough to, well, spoiler [g].


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