EXODUS – Part One of the Exodus Trilogy by Andreas Christensen

exodusSci Fi, apocolypse-must-leave-the-planet version.  It was OK.  Not great, but readable.  Set in 2072,  there was not enough newly imagined technology for my taste.  The folks were still using tablets, for Saturn’s sake!  Surely our society would have moved beyond tablet technology in 60 years.  Heck, sixty years ago,we were just getting color TV, right?  We still had party telephone lines, and coal furnaces in our houses, and we were just getting our first pocket transistor radios, and velcro had just been invented.

But I cavil.  The basic story is that an asteroid is on a collision course for Mars for a direct hit, which means that Earth will be bombarded as well, and it’s goodbye Bonzo.   Yeah.  THAT storyline.  The American government has become a one party totalitarian state,  and the in-crowd comes up with the idea of the lifeboat ship to a distant galaxy far away.   Although they still are using their tablets, presumably buying books from the now only vendor Amazonia, they HAVE managed to come up with cryosleep, which will let the people on the ship sleep for the 165 year voyage to a planet they have discovered in some other galaxy.  I forget where.  I kind of stopped caring.   This way, they won’t have a generation ship, but an actual lifeboat.

A lot of political machinations on Earth prior to the hit, some mysterious stuff going on in the ship to Aurora, the new Home for Humans, a planet conveniently with a breathable atmosphere and temps close to those of Earth, and la! no radiation. This is a trilogy, and this first volume ends with the ship arriving safely at the new planet.   I don’t think I will be searching out the further volumes.  The plot is just too cliche, not enough originality to hold my interest.


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