UNGRATEFUL DEAD by Colleen Collins

Ungrateful deadI am not usually into prequels.  I can understand the premise, but it always makes me feel the author wasn’t organized enough to start at the beginning.  Sort of like a kid telling you a movie plot:  “… and then he went to the canyon…. oh wait, first he robbed that store and got shot…. and THEN he went to the canyon….”  you know, like that.

But I liked The Zen Man, which this is the sequel to, so I figured, hey, it’s free, why not.

Rick Levine, a P.I. takes his sweetie Laura to a fancy weekend at ….. wait for it …. a coroner’s convention, where he is to give one of the talks, his on how not to talk to the press.  What a romantic guy — really knows how to treat a gal to a good time.

But, — and I know you saw this coming ,–  a dead body is discovered on the first day of the conference.  Looks like an autoerotic death.  Eeuuuu.  I don’t know about you, but I like breathing when I am doing the horizontal hula, but, hey, takes all kinds, right?  Well, turns out the former live person is the former Denver coroner.  Whooo baby!

So, a good mystery, a nice introduction to The Zen Man, if you haven’t already read it, and all in all, I am not sorry I succumbed to a prequel.

Oh, and BTW, Collins also wrote How to Write a Dick, which she wrote with her husband.




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