TiffanyA fun detective mystery, starring an on-call investigator for the Richmond Insurance Company, where he investigates settlement frauds.   His name is  Richard Sherlock, which lends itself nicely to a lot of snappy referential dialog.

As he tells us, a major portion of his job is mentoring (aka babysitting) the twenty-something spoiled heiress of the Richmond fortune, Tiffany Richmond.  Tiffany is annoyingly egocentric, but so over the top, you can’t help but love her.  (OK, you can’t help but be glad she isn’t in YOUR life.)

Sherlock is a single parent of two almost-teenage girls, the younger of which is a member of a girls basketball team which has never won, succumbing to the Slaughter Rule of the league in every game, which says that if the score has more than a twenty point spread at halftime, the ref calls the game in favor of the higher scoring team in order to alleviate further embarrassment to the losing team.  Oh, and did I mention Sherlock is their coach?

The first person narrative is filled with a lot of heavy-handed metaphors and similes, and at first I did a big sigh, but as I continued to read, I realized that those whacky comparisons were intentionally awful, and I began to actually look for them.  Such as:

Tiffany says, “Raddy was on me like Prada on purse.”

Her so-called girlfriend “latched onto Raddy like calories on a donut.


The impact sends the metal square rolling down the alley faster than Ursain Bolt doing the hundred meters.

This case is growing faster than the Asian Flu.

She’s as pale as a bleach blonde bimbo’s beehive.

What starts out as an investigation as to who might have drugged Tiffany’s drink balloons into client signups by some pretty shady clients, but hey, the money’s good.

An entertaining read, not a bad mystery, and characters such as “Wait” Jack Wayte,  a hypochondriac’s hypochondriac, and “No-No’ Nula, another police officer who has the hots for Wait Jack Wayte.  Will they get together in the end?  With Tiffany’s new nice self offering advice to the physical appearance challenged, there is a pretty good chance.





One comment on “TIFFANY’S EPIPHANY by Jim Stevens

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