7093952The third volume of the Dublin Murder Squad stories, this one the story of Frank Mackey, brilliant hotdog bigshot of the Undercover Squad.

Faithful Place is a street in the Liberties, a low-rent very blue collar area of Dublin, where Frank was born and raised, along with his two brothers and two sisters,  by a psychologically abusive mother and a physically abusive drunken father.  He couldn’t wait to get out of there.  So back in 1985, Frank Mackey, 19 and Rosie Daly, 18, were going to run away to London. She didn’t show but still vanished. Twenty-two years later, Rosie’s suitcase is found behind a fireplace in a derelict house on Faithful Place where they were to have met up all those years before.

Frank now 22 years later is divorced with a 9 year old daughter,  and his childhood family with whom he has nothing to do, except for his younger sister.

He gets involved in the cold case of Rosie when his sister calls him in a panic and begs him to come home to Faithful Place to talk about it all with the family, because everyone knew he was supposed to have left with Rosie.

Going through the old house with his younger brother, they find a suspicious walled up section of the cellar, and pulling it apart they find a body, well, really they find a skeleton and the shards of what Frank remembers as Rosie’s clothes.  It is promptly pronounced a murder by the medial examiner, and now the Murder Squad is called in to investigate, with Frank’s unwanted and unsolicited help mucking around.

And then his brother is found dead, having apparently thrown himself out of the top floor of that same building.  How could this be?

This is another psychological look at families, loyalties, betrayals, and deep-seated rage by the author of In the Woods, and The Likeness.  Do we find out who dunnit?  Well, of course.  And of course, I am not telling you.


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