sickI haven’t posted anything for a while because my Dearly Beloved was in the hospital for pneumonia, and the X-rays showed a massive infection of the pleural cavity that needed an operation to clean out, so all in all,  Life Sucked for a while, but after 9 days in the hospital,  he is now home and recovering nicely, all except for the moaning and groaning.   Oh, wait.  That is ME moaning and groaning.  Men are such lousy patients.  I’m really Nurse Ratchid.

However, during that time, although I didn’t post anything about what I was reading, I WAS still reading.  Lots of down time in hospitals, doncha know.  So I will be trying to catch up here in the the ole’ blog, but fair warnng:  Don’t expect to read about anything deep, profound or heavy.  I think the fare was mostly mysteries and one pretty decent chic lit.  I really wasn’t up for Ulysses or Proust.

See ya next post.  Teaser:  it is about blood.



One comment on “THAT’S LIFE

  1. Deb Atwood says:

    So glad Dearly Beloved is on the mend! Looking forward to more reviews…blood welcome.


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