THE BODY AND THE BLOOD by Michael Lister

body and bloodJohn Jordan is a prison chaplain and an ex-cop who still gets involved in investigating crime.  This is the fourth in this Blood series by Michael Lister.

He is working at Potter Correctional Institution in the Florida Panhandle when he witnesses the most baffling crime.  Within the high security section of the prison where the high-risk prisoners are housed, one of the inmates is killed almost before their eyes.  It is a version of a locked-room mystery — always a winner in my book –, where the incarcerated are in a Protected Management Unit and have open cells most of the time, but not all of the time.

A flyer is found announcing that there will be a murder during the weekly Catholic Mass.  And by Jove, so there was.

A convoluted tale with lots of blind alleys, plenty of possible suspects, but no clue as to how it was done before their very eyes, who did it, and why.

Nice side story of John who is almost divorced, but they worked at counseling and now are going to get back together.

All in all, a satisfying mystery.



One comment on “THE BODY AND THE BLOOD by Michael Lister

  1. […] is the fifth in the series, and in this one, our prison chaplain/detective (you remember him from The Body and the Blood, right?) is having a case of the vapors, and has gone to a secluded retreat center in the Florida […]

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