death of a banksterI bet you don’t know what a bankster is, do you.  Ha.  Neither did I.  It is a combo of banker and gangster, you now, one of those fat cats who is getting away with illegal stuff like money laundering.

Sam Crawford, a banking executive, arrives home one evening after a trip out of the country to be greeted by his wife Paige, wearing a seduction getup in an effort to jump start her decaying marriage.  He doesn’t get to enjoy the outfit or even to pass judgment on it, because as he opens his front door, he is shot in the back of the head, falling — you’ll pardon the expression – headlong into the living room.

Something like this will really mess up your sex life, I can tell you.  Can totally ruin the mood.

Almost immediately, some FBI guys come rushing up saying they saw it all happen, they have been keeping Sam under surveillance for quite a while now, for a money laundering case. They scoot Paige over to her best friend’s house so they can canvass the house, and the medical examiner comes to take the body away.

But it turns out that the FBI guys are not FBI guys, the medical examiner is a faux dude, and the body disappears.  And Sam’s job at the bank is that of a mule, ferrying in money for terrorist groups.  For this, he receives a big cut.

Now appears some other mysterious dude, Ryan Testler, who seemingly works for some government covert group, and seems to have a lot to do with all of this.

And we also have the local homicide cops, Sergeant Maddie Richards and her new partner Sue on the case.  But they don’t have much of a case with no body, and only the wife and her BFF’s word that the husband was shot and killed.  Since the marriage wasn’t going so well, maybe the Little Wifey did it herself.

More complications reveal that Paige’s mother is a sharp shooter, as is her mother’s brother, and that her mom and dad were CIA back in the day.   Her father was killed by a sniper in Paris.  Hmmmmmm

Lot of puzzles, lots of action, lots of questions, not many answers.  But there might be a possible relationship between Maddie and that Ryan dude.   Double hummmmm

One of the things I liked about this mystery was that all the ends were not tied up neatly … at the end.  Still some dangling questions with no answers.

So who dunnit?  We do find out who did the dirty, but not why, nor in whose service the deed was done.

Author Bishop has a number of titles in the mystery genre, and more on the way.

OK, I can’t control myself.  In general, I found the writing to be satisfactory.  Except for this one line:

The room was awash in silence, dense, hard silence.

“Awash’ suggests something liquid, fluid, like maybe bilge water.  So how can it then be dense and hard?

Oh, well.  It was a good mystery, bilge water notwithstanding.





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