BLOOD SACRIFICE by Michael Lister

Blood sacrificeI’m kind of digging this John Jordan mystery series.  This is the fifth in the series, and in this one, our prison chaplain/detective (you remember him from The Body and the Blood, right?) is having a case of the vapors, and has gone to a secluded retreat center in the Florida panhandle where he is in therapy with the head Sister of the place.

But if he thought he was going to find peace and serenity, he should have picked a different mystery series to be in, because at St. Ann’s Abbey, there are an awful lot of bodies, most of them gruesome in the extreme.  Like fer instance,  the exorcism gone tails up where the young heiress to a huge paper company is brutally murdered during said exorcism.  And then there was the guy nailed to the wall.  And the young man found in the river.

And we have John whining and moaning about his soul, and like the rest of us, doing nothing to change, working on the age-old principle of if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always have what you have right now.  I remember a shrinky-dink friend of mine telling me many years ago that people do not enter into therapy to be cured, but to validate their complaints.

So, we have the hunt for the killer, meeting lots of interesting characters along the way, meanwhile wanting to grab John by his shoulders, shake him real hard and yell in his face, “GET A GRIP!”

No doubt you are curious about the title.  It is from Hebrews 9:22 –“without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness” and therefore, sacrifice and blood sacrifice is an important theme throughout the Bible, as it is here in this book as well.




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