DEADLINE by Craig McLay

deadlineAnother fun read (Ok, fun if you don’t mind some blood, a few bodies, corruption in high and medium places and ancient evil.)  This fine book is from the author of Village Books, and although its style and voice have the same amiable tone, it is not anything like Village Books.  For one thing, it is a mystery.  For another thing, it is a thriller.  For a third thing, it is about an ancient religious group, called the Knights of the Holy Thorn, which were kind of like the Knights Templar on sterioids and LSD.

Our hero, a journalism major and editor of the Westhill College student newspaper, Colin, gets himself involved in ferreting out the killer of a young woman prostitute, and some student drug dealers, and some others, the symbol of the Knights of the Holy Thorn being left at each crime scene.

We’ve got a nice lady cop, some really unnice baddies, and a sweet young lady with whom Colin becomes entwined.

There isn’t much I want to say about the book, because to do so gives too much away, but it is an easy read, without being a cozy mystery, has something to say about religious fanaticism and barbarity,  and is a little examination of honesty and expediency.

Geez, I got to start reading something without blood in it.  I’m feeling sticky.


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