LEVIATHAN WAKES by James S. A. Corey

LeviathanAs the cover says, a kickass space opera.  Come for the story, stay for the cool sci fi details.  Or come for the cool sci fi details and stay for the wonderful noir detective on Ceres.  Or come for the noir detective and stay for the idealistic if somewhat naive XO of a water hauler who becomes something of a hero.  Or come for the hero and stay for the kickass chick who becomes a plant.

Apparently this is written by two guys, fantasy author Daniel Abraham, and Ty Franck, assistant to George R. R. Martin., using the pen name James S. A. Corey.

It is a really really good sci fi thriller, with a fully settled and colonized Mars at odds with Earth, politics being politics, and lots of asteroid belt colonies, like the one on Ceres.   There is a whole industry of ships hauling ice asteroids back to the settled region for water.  Lots of good space ship stuff, and wouldn’t ya know it — a protomolocule hurled from someplace really far away a couple of billion years ago, which was caught by Jupiter and now somebody is playing scientist with it, to the detriment of the experimentees.

This is the first of a series (sigh, aren’t they all, anymore?) But if the first chapter of the next book is any indication, there will be monsters.  I don’t like space monsters, so I think I’ll stop right here at volume one.

If you like hard(ish) sci fi, you will certainly like this one.

(Why would two guys who are writing the same book use a one-name pen name?  Why not two pen names?  Why not their real names, especially if they are going to blurt it out all over the place that Corey is a pen name for two people?  Why not use a woman’s name for a pen name?  There are many things in life which are a mystery to me.  This is one of them.


3 comments on “LEVIATHAN WAKES by James S. A. Corey

  1. Phoghat says:

    This is a book, that I actually recommended to Marti ( usually, it’s the other way around) Really liked it, and as usual, the review is excellent

  2. Phoghat says:

    Reblogged this on Thoughts of The Brothers Karamuttsov and commented:
    Just really liked this book

  3. […] guys with one name.  The first is Leviathan Wakes,  which is a humdinger and which I talk about here.   And even though I said in that review I thought I would pass on No. 2, I changed my mind, and […]

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