QUINN CHECKS IN by L. H. Thomson

quinnAn amiable read about a convicted art forger who did some time, and is now a P.I.  in Philadelphia.  Yeah, you might wonder how an ex con managed to get a P.I. license, but we breeze over that by the explanation of ‘a friend of a friend’ pulled some strings.  But the strings stopped short of allowing him a gun license.  However, and this will please you, he is also a boxing whiz, and uses his fists as weapons, even against guys with guns.  Hey, it’s fiction.

He now works for an insurance company investigating incidents which would require a high insurance payoff, and is sent to investigate the theft of a Vermeer from a small art gallery, which happened during an opening, right in front of a bunch of people.   Two guys waving guns came in, made everyone get down on the floor, one guy messed around with a painting by a local artist in the back room, then the two took off with only the Vermeer, in spite of the fact that there were other quite valuable paintings hanging there as well.  And what would they want with a small-time unknown’s work, worth maybe $2,500 tops?

Good mystery, and good personal story, too.  His father and one brother are cops, another brother is a priest, and the whole story (and series) is set in Philadelphia, my old stomping grounds, so I was familiar with a lot of the locales.

There are a couple of other strings running through the plot, and all are resolved in a nice, feel-good manner, and you all know how I like tidy endings, so unlike Real Life, which just seems to dribble on and on forever until it doesn’t.

And the Vermeer?  Spoiler alert:  not found, although the thief is.

All in all, a fine book and start of a good series.  I think I will rummage around and see if I can scare up some more Quinn books.



One comment on “QUINN CHECKS IN by L. H. Thomson

  1. KJD says:

    Hi Marti,

    Co-incidence – just finished reading Quinn Checks In and have to agree with you on everything.
    Although the lead character’s back story is a little unrealistic, the book is well written and enjoyable. The action scenes are pretty well handled and the family/friends relationships are well handled.

    Like you, I’ll probably read more from LH Thompson.

    Nice one, Marti and LH..

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