STARK NOVA by Chris Mark

starkThis screwball book is a sci fi intergalactic thriller with ….. sigh, dare I say it? ….. alien snakes in human body disguises.  Shades of the old TV program V, or Alien Nation, right?  To be honest with you, I couldn’t tell whether this was a tongue-in-cheek-meant-to-be-funny send up, or the real deal.

Database editor Katherine Hunt was spending yet another beautiful Saturday afternoon stuck inside at her dead-end job at Omniunicorp in the San Francisco Bay Area. While taking a routine break, she stumbles across a mysterious stranger in the break room.  This was startling, especially since he had just killed her boss.  He took an odd-looking device out of the boss’s pocket, and told Katherine to look at her boss through it.  Egad!  The boss was a snake!   She then hears voices of some of her co-workers coming into the room, and would you believe, it — they were also snakes.  Aliens come to take over the planet.

It turns out that this species, the Silvours, found they had an heretofore unknown inbred ability for financial management, and was taking over the planet corporation by corporation.

Yeah, probably a send up.

It seems that Katherine (Mz. Hunt to you), has inhuman DNA in her system.   Bet ya didn’t see that coming, did ya.

At one point, inside Stak Nova’s fancy spacecraft, they descend an aluminum ladder.  Huh?  A fancy spacecraft but they have to use a ladder?   Yeah, send up.

So we have Katherine fighting off Silvours (those would be the snake people), the monster worms, the exploding Jumpgate, a hitman, (OK, hitsnake), a space fighter ambush, a shape shifting ambassador who got dumped into the coffee in the break room and whom Katherine drank unknowingly, (which would account for the inhuman DNA in her system), the remains of a planet now reduced to an asteroid, more monsters, some ancient people of whom only 12 are left and running some planet system now, and lots more 1960’s sci fi stuff than I can remember, it all works out in the end.

Did I mention that the space ship is sentient?

Kind of a fun book, and it has a sequel.  I’ll pass on that.



One comment on “STARK NOVA by Chris Mark

  1. Mary Smith says:

    I think I’ll pass on this one, even if it is a fun read.

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