CheatingSounds like a good title for a malicious thriller, doesn’t it. Tag line: Dating after offing your Significant Other.   But it’s not.  It is basically a love story.  Yeah, yeah, women’s literature.

It’s all about love, redemption, hope and hurt.  Not necessarily in that order.  And not really all that heavy, either.  We have the missing boyfriend, a scientific genius working on a cure for cancer who develops schizophrenia and eventually disappears.  After four years, his body is found in a dumpster half a continent away.

We have the tall, good looking cop with a hankering for the lovelorn lady in question.

We have the over-the-top nasty mother of the missing dude, who never did like the girl and is always saying horrible things to her.  Frankly, I can’t imagine anyone actually acting like that.

So, Gentle Readers, or Aggressive Readers for that matter, that’s about it.  Nice story, nothing too ponderous to bow your shoulders under their burden.  Nice read.

Now back to my Never-Ending Novels,  Novels That Never End.   There is hope on the horizon that I might actually finish one of them within the next day or so.  Hallelujah!




One comment on “IT ISN’T CHEATING IF HE’S DEAD by Julie Frayn

  1. Mary Smith says:

    I read this a few months ago – rather enjoyed it. I also read Mazie Baby, another novel by Julie Frayn.

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