donovanAnother satisfyingly complex British police procedural from the competent hands of Kerry Donovan.  He is the author of The DCI Jones Casebook:  Raymond Francis Collins,  and DCI Jones Casebook:  Ellis Flynn.  It seems DCI Jones is getting a bit older, a bit warier.  Yeah, just like the rest of us slightly older folk.  But he still has all the moves.

In this case , we see the machinations of the bad guys from the perspective of one of the bad guys, alternating with the efforts of the police in their attempts to thwart said bad guys. You know, I’ve been reading murder mysteries for decades.  So of course, I figured out the twist fairly soon into it. But I had fallen into the same trap as our clever and venerable DCI Jones. I didn’t figure it out at all.  I hate it when that happens.

This case involves a world class locksmith who is recruited by a really bad villain who has a thing for diamonds.  Pfffft.  Who hasn’t a thing for diamonds, right?  Anyway, he is able to recruit this guy by using the locksmith’s elderly and very ill father as blackmail, threatening to reduce his lifespan considerably if the locksmith doesn’t go along with him.  He also offers the not so shabby incentive of legit work for the corporation, spiffy car, ab fab apartment, lot of dough-re-me.  Gee.  Saving Dear Old Dad is a great rationale for taking the job.  Only a few off-the-books cracksmithing jobs in which no one is supposed to get hurt along the way.  O tempora o mores!  How easily we can convince ourselves that wrong is right in the right circumstances.

The aim of the gang is to culminate in the heist of a marvelous diamond from a small private museum.  All roads lead to Rome.  Or that museum, anyway.

Donovan is one of my fav authors in this genre and this new release from him did not disappoint. And anyway, I think I’m in love with DCI Jones.

Oh, yeah.  By the by, (or is it by the bye?  or bye the by?) changing gears,  Donovan also wrote another of my favorite paranormal books, The Transition of Johnny Swift.   It is about a race car driver.  Race car driver. Changing gears.  See what I did there?  Go read it.



7 comments on “DCI JONES CASEBOOK: SEAN FREEMAN by Kerry J. Donovan

  1. David Wind says:

    Nice review Marti, I’ve read several read his stuff and am about to read this one. Thanks for the affirmation!

  2. I’m crushing on Jones too 😉 Great review! Love your work, Kerry 🙂 xx

  3. Donna Fasano says:

    What a great review!

  4. Terrific review 🙂 Makes your books sound tantalizing, Kerry!! Well done to you, both!

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