A piece of yarn beach Street Knittingwalks into a bar and orders a beer, but the bartender snarls, “We don’t serve your kind here!”  The yarn is forced to leave.

While sitting on the curb feeling sorry for himself, the yarn is suddenly hit with a brilliant idea. Working quickly, he ties himself into a knot and unravels his ends. Taking a deep breath, the yarn marches back into the bar and orders a beer.

“Hey!” says the bartender. “Ain’t you that piece of yarn I just threw outta here?”

“Nope,” replies the yarn, “I’m a frayed knot.”

Bada bing, bada boom.

This charming novel for the ladies is about knitting, both the yarn kind and the life kind.  You know, knitting your life back together.  Jo Mackenzie gave up her career in media to raise her two young sons, while her husband, one of those investigative reporters who travel all over the world, travels all over the world.  On one home trip, he tells her he wants a divorce.  He has been boffing — I mean — seeing — in the biblical sense — his assistant for over a year.  Bummer!

And to add injury to insult, he is in a terrible car accident after he leaves Jo, in which he is killed.  Well, I guess that is actually adding ‘death to insult’, isn’t it.  Double bummer.  But at least this bummer includes life insurance.

Jo has the opportunity to take over her grandmother’s yarn shop in her seaside home town, so she packs up her two boys, little hellions they are, too, and moves into a old place at the shore and tackles the yarn store.

What I like about these kinds of ‘getting it together’ books is that the getting it together part is always so easy, with everything just falling into place.  Oh so like real life, right?   She has a bestie who is a newscaster on the telly,– sure, we all have a celebrity friend —  and then a famous movie star one day takes refuge from the paparazzi in her shop, gets a yen to knit, and hires our heroine to be her personal knitting coach.  Happens to me all the time.  Celebrities are always coming up to me and hiring me for something.

Snarking aside, it is a nice story about how she makes friends, and how her celebrity friends and acquaintances help out the town in saving the library.

What I especially liked was that the famous designer doing the famous movie star’s house is friendly with her without it becoming a big romantic thing.  I mean, I need a little reality in my unreality.  And she has just awful kids…. two young little boys who are always fighting and squabbling.  Horrid little beasts, but we are not supposed to think of them that way, I am sure.

So the wandering threads of the plot finally knit themselves together in the end.  See what I did there?

You’ll excuse me.  I am going to go read.

knit head




  1. Mary Smith says:

    I enjoyed the snarking!

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