THE GREY MOON by Timothy P. Callahan

Grey moonA sci fi roMANce.  I made that up.  It is a romance from a man’s point of view.  Written by a man.  Set on the moon.  Whatever was I thinking?  Oh, I know what I was thinking.  I was thinking that I couldn’t remember snagging this book and it must be a sci fi story.

Well, it was a sci fi story, but with the emphasis on the roMANce and less on the sci.  A mediocre Fred is married to a nice lady, but a real go-getter with lots of ambition.  She is qualified for a job with a mining operation on the moon, which will earn her mucho dinero and really push along her career.  But she won’t go without the hubs, who must qualify for some job there too.  Guess what his skill is.  Right.  Video gaming.  Whadda guy!  So these skills get him into training for remotely operating mining equipment in space, and they both get jobs on the moon.

Being as this is told from the man’s perspective, it will come as no shock to you whatsoever that as they arrive on the moon … on the MOON, people!!!! …. his first thought is getting laid because it is getting laid on the moon!  It will also come as no shock to learn that the wife is more concerned with just about everything else — the astounding fact that they are on the moon, getting settled into their quarters, getting a meal, and getting ready for their first shifts which start the next morning.

It pretty much goes downhill from there.  The wife is very busy with her job and responsibilities, he is working in a unit and being trained by … and I know this will surprise you from a plot point of view …. a woman, who eventually comes on to him, because this slub is just such a freaking catch!   Yeah.  I know.  I know.

The ideas that are the sci part of the fi which pertain to the technology and the moon are pretty interesting, and with a different story line that doesn’t have to do with him getting his moon rocks off every 16 seconds could actually be the basis for a good book, but alas, we are stuck with Slub Dude and his romance, tempted by the Evil Other Woman.  Not his fault, you understand.  It’s the age old story.  Woman the temptress, Man the poor pawn.

The writing is puerile, fresh out of Creative Writing 101, and frankly there is nothing to recommend this book.  I started it for the sci, and plowed on doggedly through the fi hoping against hope it would improve.   Oh well.





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