THE DE-TEXTBOOK by a bunch of editors and contributors

de textbookThe Stuff You Didn’t Know About the Stuff You Thought You Knew.  That’s the tag line.

A fun book full of, basically, trivia, about all kinds of topics, grouped into such categories such as Health and Anatomy (Stuck inside an insane machine with a user’s guide made of lies), Biology (the propaganda campaign to make you think all cool animals are dead), World History (if it was written by the winners, they are boring liars), Sex Education, Physics, U.S. History, Health and Nutrition, and Practical Psychology.   For those of you keeping track,  that’s an Oxford comma after Health and Nutrition.

Lots of fun facts, and outrageous opinions, such as: “German food only has one taste:  sauerkraut.” and “Cosmopolitan‘s sex advice ranges from misguided to sexually motivated hate crime against anything with a penis.”

But then there is a bit on “What were Japanese people doing in New Mexico in the thirteenth century?  This tidbit looks at the Zuni people who share not only language similarities with the Japanese, but frequency of type-B blood, a rare kidney disease, and similar oral traditions about their origins.

Longfellow, in case you haven’t figured this out yet, was a poet.  Not one of those classy poets, like Robert Frost; one of the rhyming ones, like Dr. Seuss without the drawings.

Irreverent, maybe even factual, random rants about technology, social media, and Things That Can Secretly Turn You Into A Bad Person, and how your own facial expressions actually control your emotions, rather than the other way around.

If you are a trivia buff, you will enjoy this.  Even if you aren’t a trivia buff, you will get a kick out of a lot of the sections.  Have fun.


One comment on “THE DE-TEXTBOOK by a bunch of editors and contributors

  1. Phoghat says:

    Informative, and funny book

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