WIDOW´S ROW by Lala Corriere

Widows-RowThe genre listing for this is romance-mystery-suspense.  I didn’t find it solidly any of those things, but I did find it a fun read.  OK, I admit it.  I am easy to please.

Our protagonist, lucky chick, is the daughter of a prominent and wealthy attorney, and the fiancee of a handsome, prominent attorney on the fast tract for the Senate, and she herself is a defense attorney in a lucrative private practice.  OK, the dad’s a dick  a$$hat jerk not very nice person, authoritative, judgmental and dictatorial, the boyfriend is a pushy type, and we suspect not the most faithful kind, (but hey, that’s just me being suspicious, considering the current body of elected officials), and her dad and boyfriend secretly pulled strings and bought her the position in the lucrative law firm that she thought she had earned on her own merit.

But the dad just had a stroke in the small town to which he has retired far from Washington, DC, in a remote region of  Colorado (I think it’s Colorado.  I tend to not pay strict attention to detail in this kind of book. So sue me.)  and she is off to see to things there.

While taking care of things in her dad’s empty house because he is in the hospital, she comes across his safe — a stair tread that can be lifted.  In it she finds the antique gun that may have been the murder weapon which killed her mother during a house robbery, and two boxes of incriminating but not fully explanatory papers.

She decides that possibly the lovely father had something to do with his wife’s death, and that she cannot  stay in that house, so goes to a B&B recommended by a neighbor.  The B&B is a safe haven for gender transition patients, in town for surgeries, etc.  Well!  THAT’s timely, isn’t it. I wonder if Mz. Jenner stayed there.   Anyway, she makes friends with the young woman who owns the B&B, who might charitably be described as worldly-wise, and is running out of available men in the small town.

Our lawyer lady rents an apartment in a ranch outside of town.  After reviewing the papers in the boxes, it is apparent that her dad had a long-time lady love with whom he was doing the horizontal hula while his wife was busy social climbing in the DC stewpot.

Our gal is determined to find out more about all of this, and in so doing stumbles on several other nefarious doings, culminating in some spilled blood,– OK, a LOT of spilled blood — and the finding out of secrets that are not only painful but dangerous.

Oh, yeah, and she finds a really decent guy and if that comes as any surprise to you, then you haven’t read enough of this kind of book, because Buddha knows we are all about happy endings, especially since our own lives haven’t ended yet, so we don’t know whether we ourselves have a happy ending.


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