Spiritual GuruThis is a light-hearted, light weight tale about a woman on the edge of being an alcoholic, whose boyfriend leaves her, and who is not doing all that well as a real estate sales woman.

The boyfriend leaves her for a gal who runs a yoga whatchamacallit.  Yoga shop?  Yoga place?  Well, whatever. So our protagonist, Melissa, looks up this place online, and sees that they are looking for a blog writer to write on yoga and spiritual matters.   So she applies under a false name.  And gets the gig.

Meanwhile, her big sale which is supposed to close goes down the drain, because the owner has been snagged selling drugs, so the authorities took all his assets.

In her office is a very successful handsome, single youngish guy who seems to be in competition with Melissa.

There is also a mother who is nagging about grandchildren, and a psychic hot line ‘friend’ who advises her at $49.95 a minute.


–  I am all for light, kinda fun books, but found this one to be just a smidge too full of the usual tropes for this kind of book.  The naggy mother, the handsome single guy in the office, the beautiful new girlfriend of the ex-boyfriend.  Yawn.

–  Also, the book doesn’t end so much as it slithers to a close,  with very little being resolved, and the words “The End (for now)”.  This is not what I care to see at the end of a book.  I hate cliffhangers.  And there wasn’t hardly any cliff at all in this to create a thirst for the next volume.  This first book wasn’t all that great, I certainly am not going to be on the lookout for further installments.

–  She is clearly an alcoholic, which is treated overly lightly, to my way of thinking.  I don’t think this is something to joke about.  Maybe I am just an old prissy stick-in-the-mud, but vices and addictions do not make me smile.    In addition, suddenly she is dispensing insightful spiritual advice?  Oh, pleeze.

WHAT I DID LIKE:  As I said, it is light and supposed to be fun and not taken too seriously.  But after having just read The Girl on the Train,  which has a different treatment of alcoholism, I found it difficult to gloss over this issue in this book.  Also, it is a quick read, so I didn’t lose too much of my life’s blood or waste too many watts of battery-charging power reading it.

I know.  I am such a crank.



3 comments on “SECRETS OF A SPIRITUAL GURU by Tamara Lee Dorris

  1. Teressa says:

    Hey, some books just fall short of the standard. And I think the term you’re looking for is “Yoga Studio.”

  2. Well, thanks for reading just the same :-).

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