THE JEWEL BOX by C. Michelle McCarty

jewel boxA chick lit book, heavy on the chick, light on the lit.

OK, let me get this out of the way.  I find this cover just appalling   weird   offputting.  Those wide shoulders in that awful dress or blouse or whatever it is, and whatever the rest of that crap stuff in the photo is, just makes me want to ………  oh, never mind.  Just shows you how important cover art is.  I would never have chosen this book based on the cover.  The story has a character in it who does card tricks and always produces the Jack of something.  So here it is, blatantly hokey on the cover.

It is about a woman who makes some pretty stupid decisions regarding men, ends up with a child to support and hubby gone walkabout, so she gets a job in a topless bar with nekked dancers, but she is a waitress and doesn’t have to go topless, and only has to dance once in a while, but not in the buff.  The owner of the joint is just the most sweetest thing, and he’s the one who does the card tricks, and the whole thing is just so saccharine I could feel diabetes coming on.  Guys who run those kinds of places are not sweet and protective of their staff.

Anyway, she meets a carpenter there, whose pet saying is “I would do almost anything to get laid” or something like that.  She falls for him.  Yeah, that’s just the kind of guy I want, someone I meet in a topless place.  Oh, and he’s married, but in a bad marriage.  Aren’t they all?  So they spend the next couple of decades trying to get together.

A lot of soap opera-y kinds of twists and turns, everybody seems to have dysfunctional families who interfere.  Then she quits the bar and gets other white collar jobs, meets a very wealthy guy who really wants her, (a single gal’s wet dream), gives in and marries him, but she is a mess, the marriage falls apart, she meets someone else, all the while yearning for that carpenter dude who himself gets married and couple of more times.  Really, none of it made any sense.  Basically a story of poor decisions, obsession with inappropriate people, and a grande improbable finale.

Did I like it?  Meh, but I read it, hoping it would get better.  The writing was a whole lot of ‘tell and not show’, kind of like a boring biography of somebody not quite famous.  Only occasionally did it become a novel, with dialog and everything.  But really, for me, not such a great book.  Oh, well.  It was free.





3 comments on “THE JEWEL BOX by C. Michelle McCarty

  1. I read it. It was an okay book. Not great, but okay. Like you, I figured, heck – it was free.

  2. Teressa says:

    Thanks for the review. Now I won’t waste my time, free book or not.

  3. I picked this up when it was free at some point, but never got around to reading it. Doesn’t look like I’ll be bumping it up the TNR list anytime soon.

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