DOWN SOLO by Earl Javorsky

Down SoloOK, the opening is:

They say once a junkie, always a junkie, but this is ridiculous.  I haven’t been dead more than a few hours and I already need a fix.

Charlie Miner is a private eye.  Make that EX-private eye.   And you gotta know that any book that starts out with a dead P.I. needing a fix …. I am totally in.  Totally.  Gives me hope for the future.  You know, the dead future.  Maybe I will wake up dead needing a new sewing machine or new Kindle Fire.  See what I’m saying?

It’s one of those mixed genre books… part suspense, part thriller, part mystery, part dead person.  Oh. Yeah.  That would make it part paranormal.

Charlie is divorced, his ex is an alkie, and he is a junkie from pain meds due to a diving accident.  He has a teenage daughter, and a part-time girlfriend.  And he would like to know who killed him, so he sets off to discover just what happened, the events of which he cannot remember after a certain point.  Well, he sets off on his road of discovery right after seeing his his his … ummm, what do you call those guys who sell you the drugs?  Dealer.

Along the course of his investigation, he acquires a new client who wants to find the money her husband invested in a dead gold mine, his house gets burned down, his daughter gets kidnapped, and generally speaking, Charlie is not having such a great afterlife so far.

Great book.  Really fun without being silly, creative situations without being stupid, and if the whole general thriller/suspense part is a bit tried and true, so what?  It was fun.  Oh yeah,  and I already said that, but it is true.  It is fun.



One comment on “DOWN SOLO by Earl Javorsky

  1. Deb Atwood says:

    As an unapologetic ghost fiction fan, I think I have to put this one on my tbr. Thanks for the review!

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