Louisiana LongshotThis was a fun mystery.  And it stars a feisty female CIA trained assassin.  Don’t find too many of those in the Louisiana bayous, now do ya.

She kills a guy in the Middle East with her 4 inch spike heel shoe because he was abusing some child.  That sort of blew her cover, and she is whisked home and reprimanded by the boss.  Now the Middle East guy has put out a hit on her, and she needs to go underground somewhere.  She pleads not to be put in the Witness Protection Program, because she will end up a bank teller in some East Bicycle town in the midwest.  The boss has another idea:  his niece has inherited a house from her maternal great-aunt.  She was scheduled to spend the summer at the place, going over the contents and getting it ready to sell.  She’s never been there before, so he is sure he can substitute our gal Fortune for the niece Sandy-Sue, and thus get his agent out of danger until the whole business blows over.

And guess where that place is:   a small remote town deep in the Louisiana bayous, named Sinful Bayou.  There she meets a couple of gals she keeps referring to as ‘old’, and I took a mighty offense at that, seeing as how they were about my age.  And honey chile, believe me, I am not old.  I am mature, like decent cheese and good wine.  I’ll let you know when the bloom is off the bougainvillea.

She is to be the niece:  a beauty queen, and a librarian.  Whooee, talk about casting against type.

The elderly dog entrusted to her care digs up a bone in the backyard creek, and it turns out to be a human finger bone.  Turns out to be the human finger bone of one Harvey somebody, the nastiest individual in town, gone now these ten years, to the everlasting relief of his widow.  He had disappeared with a bank account in the Cayman Islands, a reputation for womanizing, and no body was ever found.  Until now.

Well, of course the widow is the prime suspect, but she has suddenly gone walkabout, and the tale revolves around the efforts to not only find Marie, but to exonerate her, and find the real killer.   Our Fortune even gets an opportunity to put her assassin skills to use, thereby once again blowing her cover, since nobody would ever believe she is a beauty queen librarian after THAT stunt.

A fun read, with a couple of twists I didn’t see coming.  It started off a smidge noir, but that tone soon disappeared into a discussion of the hobby of knitting and whether she should be entrusted with knitting needles.  Tough call, that one.


One comment on “LOUISIANA LONGSHOT by Jana Deleon

  1. Mary Smith says:

    Sounds like a fun read.

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