THE FLYER by Stuart Harrison

flyer-booksA fine tale, set in the years right before and during the First World War, it is a story about class and money, ambition and love.  It is about two young British lads, one whose father was a blacksmith, and one whose father was the Earl of Pitsford.  They meet when William is pulled from the wreckage of his downed plane in a Northamptonshire field by Christopher, the Earl’s son.

It has that  R.F. Delderfield feel to it.  Remember him?  God is an EnglishmanTo Serve Him All My Days?   Yeah, THAT Delderfield.  I loved his books,  I think I read them something like… oh, cripity…. almost fifty years ago.  Yeah, I was an infant, with the astounding ability to read while still in the crib.

There is a love triangle, with William feeling the effects of his lowly class status, and there is a lot of ill feelings about the whole class thing.   Lots of yada yada about who loves who, and an examination of loyalty, love, and what it is like being a very young person.  Being a young person.  Geez, that was so long ago I barely remember those days.

Really good book, a fine read.



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