ANGEL OF DEATH by Paul Doherty

angel of deathThis is an historical novel, the kind based on true history.  Well, the truest that history gets, I guess.  It is not the historical fiction where some story line is set in an historical era and reference is made to an historical fact or two.  The entire story revolves around Edward I’s  dire need of funds and a meeting with the leaders of the church at St Paul’s Cathedral in order to negotiate new taxation. Before the meeting can begin, Walter De Montfort, the Dean of St Paul’s dies during mass, poisoned in the act of passing the communion chalice. But no poison is found in the chalice. How did he die? And will anyone else suffer the same fate? And how does it all connect to the war-crimes committed by Edward when he sacked Berwick in 1298?

It was OK, this fourth in the series.  But I confess to not liking this kind of historical fiction very much, although it is well-written and is historically accurate.  I think I picked it for the cover.  So I don’t have much to say about it, except that if you like this kind of work, I recommend this entire series.



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