WHAT ALICE FORGOT by Liane Moriarty

What alice Forgot 2Alice, forty and working out at the gym, falls off her exercise bike, and loses consciousness.  When she comes to, she thinks she is still 29 and pregnant with her first child.

Interesting book, kind of Regarding Henry meets every chick lit wife you’ve ever read, all about memory loss, and what that means as far as losing a whole chunk of your life.  Our memories define us, so what are we if we no longer have them?

In the interval since Alice was 29 and in love, married and pregnant, and now, when she is separated with great acrimony from the formerly beloved husband, has three kids, and has become a brittle, sharp woman, nothing like the soft creature she used to be, is a story.  What happened?  That is what we find out, little by little.

We meet the over-the-top mother who has married the over-the-top father of Alice’s husband, we meet her sister, being eaten away with the unachievable desire to conceive.  We meet a lot of characters, and come to understand that possibly many of our lives would be better off if we just pushed the rewind button and lost the last decade.

Seems like the book is in talks for a movie with Jennifer Aniston.  Definitely a woman’s fiction book, thought-provoking and in many ways somewhat unsettling.   What would you undo of the last ten years if you had the opportunity?





3 comments on “WHAT ALICE FORGOT by Liane Moriarty

  1. Deb Atwood says:

    I really enjoyed this book, which was my introduction to this author phenom. In addition to thought-provoking, this novel is darkly comic with some fun, quirky facts and lifestyle tidbits from the prior decade thrown in, some of which made me laugh out loud. Have you read Big Little Lies yet? I loved that one, too.

  2. […] Moriarty is the author of What Alice Forgot,  so if you read that book, or even read my post on that book, you will have a bit of an idea of […]

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