FLYING LESSONS by H. Lovelyn Bettison

flying lessonsWhat a lovely, amiable story, about friendship, love, change, and letting go, with just a soupçon of fantasy thrown in.

Henry, a retired widower, and his 30 year old daughter, Chandra, are just marking time, getting through the days, going through the motions.  Chandra meets a shy jazz piano player and they find they enjoy each other’s company.  He introduces her to meditation, and tells her he can fly.

Meanwhile, Henry has finally made more of an acquaintanceship with the neighbor lady two doors down.  They do a lot of things which her husband does not care to do,  and she is somewhat constrained in activities because her husband doesn’t like this or that.  Turns out her husband died two years ago, which Henry knows, so he is quite bemused with the constant references to the guy as if he were still living.

Chandra has experiences of her dead mother, and the blurry line of reality and non-reality, living and dead, is gently examined in this charming tale.






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