Claudiafire has a roommate named Tom. And it’s not even a roommate with benefits situation.   Claudia is a sort of boring young woman.  She lost her job and has been unemployed for months now, and thank goodness Tom has some kind of job and can pay the rent, as her savings are dwindling at an alarming rate. When he first moved in, he was the unemployed one and he offered her a painting for a month’s rent.   Tom is a painter, and amazingly enough, all of his works seem to look like Claudia.

Tom has secrets, and he says he gets his painting ideas from dreams he has.  Claudia doesn’t quite trust him.  Well, gee.

One winter morning, after a storm, Claudia looks out of her apartment window, and in the plowed snowbank, sees an arm.  She and Tom run down to investigate and it is a man who has obviously been murdered, the back of his head having been split open.

Claudia feels compelled to look into the crime, because it is just possible that someone from her apartment building committed the crime,and anyway she doesn’t have anything else to do,  and thus we come to know the various neighbors, some of whom could very well have been the culprit.

And then there is a growing relationship between Tom and Claudia, but he is so secretive…..

Lots of good twists and turns, so therefore a decent plot, but not the best writing I have ever read,  serviceable enough, although some additional  proofreading and line editing would not have gone amiss.  The author was a journalist, so one would think some of the grammar structure could have been better, but it is her first foray into the exciting world of self-publishing, or something close to it, so we will give her a pass on thinking that DIY means you don’t have to pay for a decent editing service.

OK, so in spite of my catty (meow) observations, it was not a bad mystery, and if she takes the various comments she finds all over the internet to heart, her next effort should be much better.



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