RELATIVE MALICE by Marla Madison

relative maliceA horrendous murder of four members of a family, and the baby missing.  Homicide detective Kendall Halsrud is in charge after her partner, and experienced guy of many years, has a heart attack and undergoes heart surgery.

The estranged brother of the slain husband (See what I did there?  Slain husband.  Don’t I sound professional!)  hires his firm’s  head of security to help find the baby, who may still be alive.  The security guy, Nash, is a former cop with a history with Kendall when a sting went bad and she got gut shot.  So she is not his biggest fan, and when he asks to work with her, she is less than enthusiastic at the idea.

However, the case is going south.  They think they have the perp, and it is not looking like the baby, if ever found, will be found alive.  There are suspects, live suspects and dead suspects, and no trace of the baby, and the two begin to work together.  With the help of Kendall’s kooky neighbor, a computer hacker on parole, they investigate the world of perv – specifically pervs who prefer babies, and on another tact, (or is it tack?)  (It’s tack. Ego veni, googli, inveni.   I came, I googled, I found.)  they delve into the adoption business.  In both instances,  people sell babies to these groups.

Really good police procedural/detective story with some unforeseen (at least by me) twists and turns, good writing, and frankly, Gentle Readers, that is all I ask of a crime novel.   I’m not looking for Infinite Jest here, just a nicely-written, entertaining puzzle.  And that is exactly what I got.  Good read.

One comment on “RELATIVE MALICE by Marla Madison

  1. Thanks for another excellent review, Marti. Think I’ll take a look at this one.
    I’m a sucker for a good police procedural. 🙂


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