ON LUCKY SHORES by Kerry Donovan

lucky shoresAnother offering by an author I like a lot.  He has got three DCI Jones police procedurals, and a really nifty paranormal/supernatural/sci fi, The Transition of Johnny Swift,  and now this action/thriller novel.  If you want some info on his other novels, just enter his name in the search window on this site, and it will give you the links to my opinions on those books.

Donovan was born in Ireland, lived in England, and now resides in France, so we have to say he is a British writer, writing about British things.  That is, until now.  This book is set in the United States, in the mountains of the west, Colorado, I think.  Geez, I really do have to start keeping notes.

Anyway, my lack of mental storage notwithstanding,  Chet Walker is a young man, a wannabe musician with medical training (you don’t come across that combo any too often) on a walking road trip through the remote areas of the USA looking for inspiration and fame.  He is almost run over on some isolated logging road,  but the car tumbles off the side of the road, and Chet rushes to the aid of the driver, who after delivering some mysterious messages for his daughter who lives in the small town up ahead, dies before help can arrive.

For some reason not really clear to me, the Sheriff of the town seems to have taken a real dislike to our boy, maybe because of the long hair maybe because he doesn’t have a job or much money and seems like a drifter.  Well, duh, he IS a drifter.

He gets a job playing his guitar in the local watering hole, meets the lovely daughter of the dead man,  discovers the town seems to have all kinds of secrets, not the least of which is the local hotshot surgeon.  In the local high falootin’ hospital.  Wow.  Small rural western town has a big deal hospital.  How convenient.

So it seems that the dead guy stole a whole barrel full of money belonging to the town and immediately high tailed it for parts unknown, never to be seen again until that fateful day when he died on the mountainside.  Also turns out he was quite the artist.

All of this merges together with a love story, bullets, conspiracy, land grabbing, music and medicine.  Why is it that none of this interesting stuff ever happens to me?  OK, I could do without the bullets and shootings, but …..  Oh, well, like that old expression that when you are at home you wish you were out having an adventure, and when you are out having an adventure, you wish you were home.

Have fun with this one.


One comment on “ON LUCKY SHORES by Kerry Donovan

  1. Thanks Marti,
    You are a star.

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