MysteriesThese are more of the Jamie Quinn, domestic affairs lawyer series.  I already talked about one, Death by Didgeridoo, here.   This box set contains that book, plus two others, The Case of the Killer Divorce, and Peril in the Park.  These other two are more like long stories, or really short novellas, but continue the story of Jamie Quinn and her search for her father whom she has never seen, and her romance with a nice new man in her life.  All this, mixed in with some cozily cozy mysteries, which are not very mysterious, but still fun reading, nonetheless.

Nicely written, warm characters, a pleasant feel to the whole thing, one of those kinds of books that make nice reading right before you fall asleep at night.

I don’t really have anything else to say about it, since to do so would be to give away too much.  Read them yourselves.  They’re fun.

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