52 STEPS TO MURDER by Steve Demaree

52 stepsLt. Cy Dekker and his partner Sgt. Lou Murdock star in this VERY cozy cozy mystery, the first of a series. The two middle age cops, friends since childhood, are chocolate-eating overweight detectives, with kind hearts and maybe less acumen than Sherlock Holmes, but who love their jobs.  Lou is a lifelong bachelor, and Cy is mourning the death of his beloved wife.    They each live alone, and like it that way, Lou loving his crossword and jigsaw puzzles, and Cy his DVDs of the old time comedy shows.

Lou gets a message from God every morning, a cryptic phrase dealing somehow with the case they are working on at the moment.  It isn’t always helpful, but it is intriguing.

This case involves a street where the houses are all built up much higher than street level.  Fifty-two steps higher, to be exact, and it is something that takes a toll on our overweight and out of shape detectives, as they must haul their sorry butts up and down, up and down, as the case goes on and on.

It is not a particularly mind boggling mystery, but does have the added fun of tunnels under the street connecting to each house.  How handy is THAT for a mystery writer, eh, kid?  We have the usual assortment of variously suspicious suspects,  and a fine twist at the end.

My one complaint, other than “Hey you kids.  Get off my lawn!”, is that the final denouement  –-[hummm.  Is final denouement redundant?  Should it just be denouement?] is accompanied by an info dump which is of monumental proportion.   Pages and pages and pages of explanation of the thinking processes of the perpetrators and of the detectives.  Waaaaay too much.  I lost interest in how they arrived at the determination of the bad guys long before it was finally over.

I am not sure I will go out of my way to read any more of the series.   But of course, never say never, right?

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3 comments on “52 STEPS TO MURDER by Steve Demaree

  1. Mary Smith says:

    You had me interested until you got to the ‘information dump’ then I kind of went off the idea of this one. Too many books to read (and write) and nowhere nearly enough time.

  2. Marti says:

    Yeah, Mary. The info dump was really unnecessary because by then, much of it had already been explained, and frankly, I had lost interest in the long thought processes of everyone.

  3. […] Lt. Cy Dekker and Sgt. Lou Murdock.  I told you about the first one,  52 Steps to Murder, here,   and the second one, Murder in the Winter, here.    I was needing something light to cleanse […]

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