THE TRAINSTOP by Alissia J. R. Lingaur

trainstopKind of like Fried Green Tomatoes without the tomatoes.   It is a story about a restaurant called The Trainstop, so called because it had been remodeled from an old abandoned train station in  a small town in northern Michigan, and the family that owns it.

Here’s why you will want to read it:  it opens in 2001 with Sarah Fairweather, 20-something and married, getting into her father’s  ’82 Corvette, and slamming it into the front of her family’s restaurant, the Trainstop, smooshing and killing her lying, cheating, no good husband who was about to enter,  in the process, as well as a grandmother eating inside the place with her two grandkids.  Sarah suffers a traumatic head injury and goes into a coma.

The story is what happens to everyone else in the family of three generations, and to the town as a result of this action.  Because of the damage, will the widowed mother sell the property to a developer from downstate?  What happens to the marriage of Sarah’s parents, and to her pregnant sister?   Why was Sarah always her father’s obvious favorite?

And what about the ICU nurse?  Why does she want to help Sarah along to that Great Divorce Court in the sky? Will Sarah wake up?  Will her sister have a healthy baby in spite of a high risk pregnancy?  Will her mother find her artistic talents again?  And will that valuable corner property on which the Trainstop stands become a strip mall or a Wal-Mart?  Will the family of the grandmother who died in the accident sue the bejuppies out of the restaurant family?

Stay tuned, and be prepared to fall in love with some characters who are fallible, flawed, loving, passionate and confused, just like the rest of us.




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