FOLLOWING AMUR by Elayne Griffith

amurBia is a young woman with a sad past and not much in the way of friends or lovers.  Or money.  So she advertises for a roommate.  The ad is answered by a Tibetian Monk.

Bia accepts the monk as a roommate, and walks in one day to see a large white tiger sitting on her sofa.  Mr. Dawa, the monk, opens a window, and the tiger jumps out through it.  Whew.  It is so hard to find a dog kennel large enough for a tiger, so farewell, right?

Bia ends up on a quest (seems to be a lot of this going around lately in the books I have been reading), having been kidnapped by Mr. Dawa and a Rastafarian musician with a bad Jamaican accent that seems to come and go, and who owns a decidedly down market car, which is kept running mainly by hope and extremely loud  raggae music.

Of course, the quest is a spiritual one, that white tiger being your first clue, what with animals being associated with the spirit, or animus, since the dawn of time.  But really, it is not quite as heavy-handed as I make it sound,  and is all about how we create our own worlds out of our thoughts, so sometimes we do have a problem distinguishing what is real and what is our own created fantasy.

This is a sweet delicate book trying really hard to be profound and spiritual, all in a ‘save the tigers’ kind of way, but its earnestness is just a bit treacle-y. I think its real problem is that it is a fantasy, sort of, but yet not a fantasy, and this lack of clarity detracts from just where to put the story in your mind.

It is a nice read, perhaps more suitable as a YA work, since we Gentle Readers don’t have to work very hard to understand what is going on.  While we are not slapped in the face with the spirituality and philosophy,  neither are we left to stumble around trying to figure out the point of it all, either.

All in all, a pleasant read, funny and genial, and one that makes you want to run right out and get your own spirit animal.   Not sure what is your spirit animal?  Here’s a little quiz to help you. Spirit Animal Quiz.    Listen to some reggae while you are locating your spirit animal.


2 comments on “FOLLOWING AMUR by Elayne Griffith

  1. Mary Smith says:

    Mine’s the bear – with connections to the turtle and the owl!

  2. Marti says:

    I have three rescue dogs, so I’m thinking I have a pretty good idea what is mine. .

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