A FOREVER DEATH by Michael W. Sherer

forever deathA freelance writer, middle age, is attending a hot shot party when his long time friend, but one whom he has not seen in a couple of years, tracks him down at the party, and asks to see him.  He has an emergency he needs help with.

This is the fourth in a six volume series featuring Emerson Ward, writer and amateur sleuth.  I was so afraid that the amateur sleuth died out back with Lord Peter Wimsey, that I wiped my sweating brown in relief to see that the slightly superior meddling non-professional is still a ‘thing’, and that everybody who sleuths doesn’t have a badge, or a license, and a gun.

Ward’s friend, Puppy, (who is married to Kitty.  How do you like them apples?) is a well-known photographer.  He was doing a shoot for a big client, involving diamonds, when one of his assistants dropped one and it broke.  Now diamonds can break, if hit just the right way, but more likely these were fakes.  Puppy had them appraised and discovered that the entire set had been replaced by fakes.

He needs Ward’s help to find out who replaced them.  On their way back to Puppy’s house, he was shot and crically injured.  OK.  Somebody wants him dead.  Is this all because of those replaced diamonds?

Clever plotting, clever sleuthing, and as in all detective stories, not all is as it seems.




2 comments on “A FOREVER DEATH by Michael W. Sherer

  1. Mary Smith says:

    You might like Catriona McPherson’s amateur sleuth series featuring Dandy Gilver. They are set in 1920s – well they start then and move into the 30s.

  2. Marti says:

    I will give it a try. Thanks.

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