take twoOne of the things I like about mysteries/detective stories are the clever titles and how they relate to the themes of the books.  For instance, this one is about experimental cancer cures.   What can I say – I am easily amused by the small pleasures in life.

This is a Bennington, P.I. book, the second in a four-book series.  Set in D.C., it features an overweight, over-age former political operative who is no longer operating politically, and has been working on being a P.I.  He has begun working for some organization that exists to ummm — you know, I really must start paying closer attention to these kinds of details.  The problem is, anything having to do with Washington, politics, conspiracies and plots involving Big Pharama, politicians and billionaires makes the hum in my ho hum drone so  much louder that it puts me to sleep.

But it is a good guy kind of secretish organization headed or created by a nifty grandmotherly senator with a soul of titanium.  You don’t mess with Grandmother Nature.  Nosireebob.   His new assignment involves a priest who is a doctor who is working on experimental cancer cures.  And the gun.  I don’t think I mentioned that the priest carries a gun.  Not like the Father Flannagan of Boys Town that comes to mind, is he.

Bennington’s immediate superior in the organization has cancer, and has been receiving the new experimental treatments which are very effective.  However, suddenly, the priest/doctor is thrown out of the hospital and not permitted to continue the treatments.  Bennington makes contact with one of the old politicos he knows from days of yore, in an attempt to find out who is behind this whole cancer treatment industry.   Not surprisingly, this guy turns out to be a real nasty piece of work.

So like I hinted, Big Pharma is involved, money — lots of money, and another really fun character, a strange person who used to work alongside of the priest/doctor and who mysteriously disappears and reappears, in the nick of time, whew, and all in all, a pretty good mystery and read.

OK, not so much a mystery as a political crime thriller kind of deal. You know, blood, gore, dead bodies, guns, all the things that make life worthwhile.



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