CHANCE IN HELL by Michael Seaver

chance in hellThis is the first volume of what is now a two-volume series.  Noah Chance lost his son, his wife and his career as a cop ten years ago.  He is now an alky working as a P.I. in L.A.   Business-wise, things are looking dire and we meet him packing up his office due to lack of business, with his receptionist offering him a loan to stay open.

He is in the midst of turning her down when the phone rings, and it’s a case!  More than just a case, the call is from Lt. Owen Walsh, LAPD, standing in the yard of his former home, as his estranged wife lies dead on the kitchen floor.   He wants Chance to verify that he is clean.  All Chance promises is to find the truth.

Interesting cast of characters, and I almost sort of solved it before the Big Reveal, but not quite.  So I’m feeling good.

The quote in the front of the books is

I believe I am in Hell, therefore I am.   –  Arthur Rimbaud

Yeah, I know.  I had to look him up, too.  Arthur Rimbaud was a French poet who  influenced modern literature and arts, and prefigured  surrealism.  He lived in the last half of the 19th century.



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