indexsecretsThis is the first in the J. J. Graves detective crime series.   J. J. otherwise known as Jaye, not only runs the little town of Bloody Mary’s mortuary business, her legacy from her deceased parents, but is also the town Coroner for King George Country, Virgina, of which Bloody Mary is one of its four towns.

There is a lot going on in this book.  We have a back story, alluded to here and there, where her parents were being investigated by the FBI, and it is thought they committed suicide by sailing off the road in their car down a steep precipice.  Others say the brakes were sabotaged.

Then there is her best friend, the town Sheriff, and oh yeah, she is also a doctor, but left her job as an ER doc when her parents died.  Hence her qualification for coroner.

Poor Fiona Murphy is found dead in her car in the morning of the day she told her seemingly abusive husband she was leaving.  Guess who is the prime suspect?   Yep, until the DNA from the sperm left on the body is found not to be his.

Then another body,  a nice lady, mother of two, is found strangled in a hotel room.  What is she doing there?  She is married.  An affair gone wrong?

Then the therapist whom the two women had both been seeing was found hanging from his second floor balcony.  Geez, the bodies are piling up like cordwood.

A mystery writer, handsome Brody Collins comes to town, to do research for his next book.  He wants to shadow Jaye because not only is she the coroner, but she knows all these people personally.  Interesting angle, he figures.   so is there a romantic thing with the sheriff? How about with the handsome Brody?  Could be…..

Lots of great characters in the town, half of them it seems are having affairs.  It is lighthearted without being cutesy.  I hate cutesy.  It is a really nice read, and I no way saw the ending coming.  I really suck at that.  Probably why I like mysteries, because I never suss out the endings.



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2 comments on “DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS by Liliana Hart

  1. beckmank says:

    This sounds fantastic! Right up my alley. I’ll be adding it to my TBR. Thanks!

  2. Mary Smith says:

    And it’s FREE right now – just downloaded it.

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