POINT OF NO RETURN by Diana J. Febry

pointMz. Febry is one of my favorite writers.  I have talked about a number of them here on the blog.  Just put in her name in the blog search window to see what else she has written.

Point of No Return takes up where Bells On Her Toes ends, but not to fret because other than featuring the same two principle characters, DCI Peter Hatherall and DI Fiona Williams, and being set in the same horsey country,  it has nothing to do with Bells.

I love police procedurals that have a bit of personal stuff going on as well, and this one fits the bill very nicely.  DCI Hatherall is still dithering around about leaving the force and DI Williams is still intelligent and charming and bucking for promotion.

This case is about a former hairdresser from a larger city who has bought a farm which had gone bankrupt and set up as a wannabe farmer and his wife as a horsey person. I think she trains horses, but doesn’t board them.  Years ago, he was on a tractor in one of his fields when a neighboring young man lost control of his car, and his passenger was killed as the forks of the tractor impaled him.  The driver was acquitted but hanged himself on the day of his acquittal, from a tree on the wannabe’s property.  He claimed that the wannabe farmer ‘could have reversed’.

A few years later, vandalism began on the farm,  which escalated rather dramatically to the farmer’s truck blowing up, amputating the feet of the wife who started the engine.  Shortly after, a young man who had worked on the tractor wiring was found dead on the local golf course.  I told you that tenth hole was a Killer.  Then the younger son of the farmer family disappears.

Trying to work all angles, it was discovered that one of the young people who knew the suicide, moved away shortly after, and no one has seen her since.

Well, my darlings, as we know, violence begets violence, and more things blow up and more people get injured and killed , and the action increases as the police try to keep the farmer family safe, and my nice tidy police procedural becomes darker and darker and morphs into a heart pounding thriller.   I had to go get my digitalis to finish the book!  Damn.  I’m too old for this shit excitement.

Gotta say, I am looking forward to the next in what seems to be becoming a series, because even though DCI Hatherall ended up in the hospital and on thinly disguised forced leave, he isn’t leaving the force, even though he is claiming he will go be a writer.  Yeah, sure.  NONE of us believe that.


One comment on “POINT OF NO RETURN by Diana J. Febry

  1. Thank you Marti! Hopefully DCI Hatherall will be back with a new case later this year.

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