HANGMAN by Faye Kellerman

hangmanThis is the nineteenth in the Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus detective mystery series.  Yeah, I know.  Nineteenth.  How can you come up with that many plots?  And she has other series, too, and some stand-alones.  I have lost track of how many of them I have read, but it’s been a bunch.  If you want to see my thoughts on the others, just enter her name in the search window here on the blog and you will get a list of them.

By now, the daughter who was just born in one of the last ones I read is eighteen years old.  Boy, time flies.  And Decker is about to celebrate his 60th birthday.   I would think that Kellerman is getting tired of this duo and is about to finish him off with a heart attack or something, except that they end up fostering a 14 year old pianist genius.

An old school friend who is now an emergency room doctor, has married a hit man.  Yeah, you really have to question some people’s life choices, don’t you.  Anyhow, they have a son, the said musical genius, and the friend calls upon Peter to help defuse a bad situation between her and the hit man husband.  The next day, the son calls Decker, because his mother is missing.  Decker comes to where they were staying and since there is no  sign of the mother who is not answering her phone, and the father is not answering his, Decker brings the boy home with him until they can either find one of the parents, or figure out what else to do with the kid.

MEANWHILE, (and see, this is why I am thinking heart attack),  a horrific homicide case lands on his desk.  A young woman is found hanging at a construction site, which sets off an interesting (for us readers) investigation, and entails a couple more deaths, and geez, but at least it is L.A. and you figure, well, yeah, it’s L.A.

So he is running around trying to find the kid’s mother, trying to find the hit man father, trying to find the killer of this young woman, and things get really busy.

You may recall that this series started off with Decker getting in touch with his Jewish roots, meeting Rina who is Orthodox and so there is a lot about the Jewish beliefs and culture for a lot of the earlier series.  But I guess how many times can you explain all that, especially so your faithful readers don’t fall into a coma from the repetition, so there is very little of that in this book, only mentioning his adherence to his Sabbath, etc.

Great plot, great mystery.  I really like this series.


One comment on “HANGMAN by Faye Kellerman

  1. […] up to now.  This one centered around the young musical genius who is living with the Deckers (see Hangman) while his mother has disappeared into India to have a baby and to escape his gangster […]

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