GUN GAMES by Faye Kellerman

gun gamesWell, crumb.  This was a disappointment, and I have loved every one of the Decker/Lazarus novels up to now.  This one centered around the young musical genius who is living with the Deckers (see Hangman) while his mother has disappeared into India to have a baby and to escape his gangster father.

In Gun Games, our genius boy meets a 14 year old Persian Jewish girl which whom he kind of falls in love, he meets the gang from the local high class private school whom he outmaneuvers, and the plot revolves around guns.  How timely.

A young teen boy from that school commits suicide by shooting himself with what turns out to be a stolen gun.  Weeks later, another teen, a girl, commits suicide with what turns out to be a stolen gun. Another boy from the school leaves the school and enrolls at a different institute.  Bullying gone amok?  Decker gets called into the situation by the mother of the boy, who has questions about it all.  He agrees to investigate based on the fact that the guns were stolen.

Meanwhile, it seems like more than half of the book is texts between the musical genius and the girl, boring boring boring, and their love affair.  I mean, really.  Not a lot of detecting going on, but there is a mighty fine action scene where our genius saves the fair maiden from the gang with guns, and a final denouement, which includes a very satisfying immoral act of revenge.  Ya gotta love it when the baddie gets it, don’t ya.

If I want to read a YA novel about young love I’ll pick up a YA novel about young love.  But when I think I am going to read a decent detective story involving a couple of familiar characters, I want to see those characters.  The YA’s can go smoochie smoochie somewhere else.  I know.  I am old and jaded.  Hey, you kids!  Get off my lawn!



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