susannaPsychological horror story,  novella length, badly in need of editing.   Poor, stilted dialog, and a basic plot line that did not make a lot of sense.

Clara, a single woman who has moved to Australia  from the UK just for the adventure of it, decides to adopt a child with a disturbing past, 11 year old Susanna.  The child is creepy and speaks to a ghost that Clara cannot see.  Strange events unfold – the family cat gets murdered,  the annoying  old lady next door is found dead in her bed, and Clara’s sleepover date is found stabbed to death in the kitchen in the morning after.  Strangely enough, Clara bundles him up and buries him in the woods, and cleans up the kitchen.  I guess he wasn’t that great in bed.  Let that be a lesson to you, gents.   She never calls the police in spite of all the blood on Susanna’s dress.  How odd.

It ends up being a case of Clara being mentally whacko and taking on other personalities, and of Susanna never existing.  Really strange, not particularly well done, and I have no idea how or why I acquired this book in the first place.  I finished it because it was short enough for hope to triumph over experience,  but sadly, disappointment was to be my lot.

Don’t bother with it, Gentle Readers.  It will be time lost you will never get back.

One comment on “THE STRANGE CASE OF SUSANNA by G. H. Komali

  1. Your recommendation (or lack thereof) is good enough for me!


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