CROOKED MAN by Tony Dunbar

crooked manThis is the first in the series about Tubby Dubonnet, a lawyer in New Orleans.  I had read one much further on in the series, Crime Czar,  without realizing I had the first in the series in my To Be Reads.  I don’t know how that happened.  I grab them when they are free on Amazon.  Beats me.

Tubby is a likable guy, if a bit of a drinker, although he does have an unbreakable rule of never appearing before a judge unless absolutely sober, so he has that going for him.

He has a partner, Reggie.  The two of them met up in law school.  Reggie is the wheeler dealer, brings in clients.  Tubby is the nuts and bolts guy, goes to court, etc.

In this first case, Reggie gets himself involved in a very nefarious deal, and as the British say, it all goes pear shaped.  A smallish-time drug runner, Darryl Alvarez, the manager of a local nightclub, has been caught unloading fifteen bales of marijuana from a shrimp boat.  Oops.  He is caught before he can turn over the payment for said MaryJane, which his girlfriend is holding in a separate vehicle, to the deliverer.  After being released on bail, he comes to Tubby’s office and gives him a gym bag full of money.  Lots of money.  The very money he was to have paid to the deliverer of the weed. 

Now the owner/deliverer of the weed wants his money, and sends his enforcers everywhere looking for it.  In a sad reversal of fortune, Tubby learns that his partner was in on the deal and is about to kill Tubby in a deserted construction site in order to get that bag of money.  Needless to say, he does not succeed, as there are many more books in this series. 

This is a fun noir-ish book, with lots of other interesting things going on.  For instance, his clients are all — shall we say — eccentric, including a transvestite entertainer with curious medical issues, a buxom deadbeat blonde, a doctor who refers his own patients to a malpractice lawyer, and the driver of a Mardi Gras float shaped like a giant crawfish pot.   Yeah, definitely a fun guy and an enjoyable read. 

So, mystery, thriller-lite, and a delightful look at life in New Orleans.




2 comments on “CROOKED MAN by Tony Dunbar

  1. I’ve recently discovered this author and as usual to sum up the read perfectly.

  2. […] it was FREE.  I do so love free.  I read Crooked Man, the first in the series, and discussed it here.    Then I read Crime Czar, and talked about it […]

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