THREE-WAYS by Mike Markel

three waysAnother in the Detectives Seagate and Miner mystery series, set in a fictitious smallish town in Montana.  This is the one where Detective Karen Seagate is a drunk recovering alcoholic.    You may remember from Big Sick Heart that our girl got herself in some hot water and got fired.  Well, the Chief retired, a new guy is in and gave her her job back provisionally, based on her going to AA meetings.

This is the fourth in the series, although only about a year later in the timeline of the story.   Seagate and her partner, the Mormon straight-laced Miner, are called to a murder scene where a young man lies strangled and nude on his bed.  He is a grad student, functioning as TA.    One of the suspects is ….. you are going to love this…. one of his female students.  She thought she had a deal with him for an improved grade in exchange for some hoochie koochie, but after the hoochie and the koochie, he still gave her a crappy grade.  hahahahahahahaha.   So boy, was she pissed!

There are a couple of other lady suspects, more dead people, more triangulated relationships, more really bad decisions in this enjoyable mystery.  And no, I was not able to Name That Murderer.

Good writing, sassy, clean, and cleverly humorous:

The 1968 Beetle, hand-painted in swirly black and white like a Holstein cow, belongs to Robin, our Evidence Tech. She’s been with us four or five years.  Those years have transformed her from a tall, freckled, strong-boned athlete with baby fat to a tall, freckled, strong-boned athlete without baby fat.  She wears all kinds of jeweled hardware on her face — in her nose, up and down her ears, in her eyebrows.  She frequently changes the color of the streaks in her blond hair, the only rule being that the color must not appear in nature.  She curses more than me, which requires significant effort, and effortless drops the word pubes into quite a few sentences that would have been perfectly fine without it.

Nice series.  I think there are six so far in the series.



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