DYING WORDS by C. A. Larmer

dying wordsA kind-of cozy mystery, this one featuring a ghostwriter sleuth.  This book is the fourth in a series.

A dying old man calls out Roxy’s name and says ‘She has it’.  Then falls back on his deathbed and journeys into the Great Somewhere.  His family have no idea what he was talking about.

What he was talking about was Roxy Parker, who in the process of ghostwriting the autobiography of a wealthy nasty person, has recently interviewed said dying man, but of course he wasn’t dying at the time.  The reason he was now dying was because he had been struck by a hit-and-run driver.

The man’s daughter comes to Roxy and begs her to find a photograph her dad had given Roxy for inclusion in the book.

Well, to jump over a lot of details, of the six people in the photograph, a number of them are systematically becoming dead.  And it all leads back to 30-some years ago in Indonesia and has to do with mining.

The plot blurb says this is the fourth breathtaking adventure in the Ghostwriter Mystery series.  Breathtaking?  Well, not so much, but a pretty decent mystery all around.    There is a bit of Roxy’s personal life,  but mostly it is the mystery.

It was a pleasant enough read, but not one that prompts me to dig up others in the series.


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