LOOSE ENDS by D. D. VanDyke

loose endsA fun but sort of sloppy noir-ish thriller-ish mystery featuring a damaged lady ex-cop now working as a damaged lady P.I.  There was an incident where a police chief or somebody looking to make a name sent in an untrained cop to assist in a bomb disposal situation which went bad, killing the bomb disposal guy and damaging our gal.  The supervising person wrote it up as our gal’s fault, she sued, won a bunch of bucks, got fired…. and you know how these stories go.

She is mixed race, a hotsy totsy driver of fast cars, and loves poker.  All those  ladylike manly virtues.  Just a bit much, frankly.  She is contacted by a pharmacist who is in charge of some pharmacy warehouse whose daughter has been kidnapped.

Why the mother didn’t go to the police and why this P.I. actually took the case (well, $10,000 does sing sweetly in the ear, doesn’t it), is one of those flaws in the plot.  So all the action and thriller-ishness revolves around trying to get the kid back without getting herself killed.

It’s one of those involved twisty turn-y stories involving fraud, conspiracy, and the Cayman Islands, the stock market, and as several readers have already pointed out, the case got solved, but it didn’t really end so much as it petered out.

Some of the probs with the book are blatant inaccuracies concerning the drugs and their classification and handing,  which does make you wonder what else was not correct.

OK book, but the other prob was that the mystery part was meh, and the lady P.I. while interesting, wasn’t interesting enough to carry the meh mystery portion.  This is the first in a series, and I’ll pass on the other volumes in this series.



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