THE CASE OF THE HIDDEN FLAME by Alison Golden and Grace dagnall

the caseA charming cozy mystery set in (on?) the island of Jersey, off the coast of England.  Inspector David Graham is newly assigned to the small police department there, and wouldn’t you just know it, five minutes after he arrives and before he can even unpack his suitcases, a body is found partially buried on the beach near his hotel.

Some nice characters, not the best  plotting and characterization but sufficient for this short, novella/novelette, and it even winds up with the DI gathering a group of the suspects around a table for the Big Reveal.   And of course, the guilty party ends up blurting out an angry, tearful confession.  Which confession, no doubt, when that person comes to their senses and retains a lawyer,  that person’s lawyer will have disqualified because it wasn’t under official circumstances or something, and  will deny everything.  But that is for a later and darker, more realistic story.

I am pleased to announced that I — for once — actually guessed who did it, but not the motive.

Short, sweet, but not all that compelling, and frankly, I can’t for the life of me see why it took two authors to write the thing.

This is the first of a series.


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