reading slumpI’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately.  Well, not really a slump, more of a ‘I don’t like any of my books on my 1,000 title TBR list.   OK, maybe that counts as a slump.

I think it is more of a depression.  I have been doing too much Facebook bingeing because of the upcoming USA election.  It has been really interesting, but also really depressing.  How can a humanoid reptile like Trump actually achieve the Republican party nomination?

And Hillary.  I am so excited by the prospect of the first woman president of the USA!!!  But I wish I could believe she had more integrity.  I wish both of the two main parties weren’t so obviously in the thrall of Wall Street.  I wish I still lived in never never never-actually-was land.

I spent a fair amount of reading time watching convention speeches.  And reading political pundits.  Does reading political pundits count?  As reading?   Everything is so terribly serious.  I would like to see more fun and less dire warnings.  As I posted,  too many pundits, not enough puns.


Actually, I feel motivated to read, I just can’t get into anything.  I swear I started 12 books.  Four of them I tossed because they were awful (figuratively, because  digital), three I have open on the carousel, because I am sure I will like them if I can get my mojo back to doing whatever it is mojos do, and one is a review read for an author I really like, so I know I will like it, just am having trouble getting into the zone.  The rest I put back in the list.


I also have two books for which I need to write up blog entries, which I promise to do for tomorrow and Monday.

Now that the primaries and the conventions are over, I think I can get back to my old routine of having my nose in a book when I should be doing many other things.   Hey!  That’s the secret!  I will make myself a To Do list, and in order to avoid doing any of the list, I will read.  Always worked before.

nose in a book


  1. Annette Cafazza says:

    another insightful and entertaining entry. i’ve been in the same slump. maybe your to-do list idea will work for me too.


  2. Yep, I’m in much the same mental space.


  3. Judith Anderson says:

    Ha! Smiling in recognition. Both being unable to get into many of my many books and the current political situation.

    I am a political junkie as well as a compulsive reader and am wondering if the two are connected.

    I usually hit that “between books” malaise when I have read something so good I cannot switch gears.

    Despite the current situation. I have just read the wonderful On Location mystery series by Sara Rosset, re English villages, manor homes. The tunnels under the baths of Bath for filming a series on Jane Austin.

    Also Ruth Downie’s Medicus, re an Roman military doctor in Ancient Britain. The writing is so good and just swept me in and along.


    • Marti says:

      Oh, I loved Ruth Downie’s Medicus series. I have read and written about the first four, I think it is. Actually, I think I am now back on the reading thing again. I think I just had to get past the two conventions. Back to fictional life! Although, thinking about it, those conventions had such a sense of unreality, too, they could have been fiction.


      • Judith Anderson says:

        I am just into book two, Terra Incognita, and loving it. Kindle had the first three on sale a week ago, and as a former Latin student, somewhat steeped in Roman history, I grabbed them all. Book four is already waiting for me at the library, and I see that there are three more.

        It is always so exciting to find such a good writer with such compelling characters.

        I need to search for your previous reviews.


      • Deb Atwood says:

        Glad to see you survived the slump! Yes, I think depressing news can do that to a person. And true life is often stranger than fiction. Onward to avoiding the never-ending to-do list with lots of yummy reading!


  4. Mary Smith says:

    Hope you find something to enjoy reading soon – might take your mind off the horrors of the politics.


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